The innovative and sustainable crop sprayers from Agrifac

Every Drop Hits The Right Spot; that's what it's all about!

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Rather a new Condor self-propelled sprayer?

To get the highest possible yield you need innovative tools.
Agricultural machines that are easy to use, have minimal downtime and require little maintenance.
With this in mind, Agrifac develops and produces innovative and sustainable self-propelled sprayers.
Assembly takes place in the most sustainable factory in the Netherlands.
As a result, all Agrifac machines contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture.

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Rather a new LightTraxx Sugar beet harvester

Light Operation, Light ground pressure, Light work and a Light Investment.
That is what a new LightTraxx beet harvester is all about.
Most compact beet harvesters in the world.

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Arnoud de Boer

Sales Director

Central & Eastern Europe

“Let me tell you how to increase
your yield while reducing water
and chemicals. ”
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